How to divorce someone I’m not in love with?

Okay - Before I start may I add that we have been together for 13 years and have done everything within our power to fix it. Counselling, vacations alone etc etc.

We have had an amazing relationship, but we’re just not in love. Although he won’t leave because he’s from a different country and we have 4 children. He says if we divorce then he’ll want to go back home.

We have tried to fix it, but we’re so unhappy. There’s no intimacy at all, even though we’ve tried. I want to end it, but I don’t know how to do it without it becoming very bittersweet. He obviously can’t just take the children because they’re citizens here, but I also want him to have them as shared custody.

He refuses to divorce even though he doesn’t love me. And I refuse to be just another woman that takes children away from very able fathers. I’m trying to be nice and organise a week on and week off. But how can I do this without too many issues.
How to divorce someone I’m not in love with?
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