How badly do guy's take rejection and breakups?

So I liked this guy and I thought he liked me back. We were just flirting and hanging out for 6 months and eventually I got fed up because I told him how I felt and he wouldn't do the same, lied to his friends that he wasn't interested in me because he was embarrassed and was talking to other girls.

The other day a mutual friend was making jokes about me and this guy and I turned round and said "honestly I don't care anymore, what's the point of liking someone who doesn't like me back" and are friend told him because he asked are friends why I was avoiding him and not talking to him anymore.

Today I saw him and he looked like shit and apparently couldn't eat or sleep because he was so upset I didn't like him anymore and he was trying to get my attention all day. I honestly felt like a evil bitch and I just wanted to run back to him but I have to stand my ground and he needs to learn his lesson and grow up "if he liked it he should have put a ring on it". Is it normal for guys to be this way over a girl or is it really bad and should I forgive him.
How badly do guy's take rejection and breakups?
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