I've used No Contact on my ex and he called me?

OK so I decided to go NC with my ex because I wanted him to miss me. So he has his insurance throughout my work so I pretty much see him every month. The last time we texted was on 09/05 and the last time we had been together was on the 1st of the month. So I figured oh well I'll give him his space so he can not feel pressured. Time comes where he's gonna pay his bill. He comes in sees me and I see him and I totally ignored him. He then lowered his sight and acted like he wasn't looking at me. This was a Monday. On Wednesday night around 1 am I see I have a missed call. I look at my call log and I had 2 missed calls from him. WOW! I was shocked. He then called me again around 2 and at 5. I didn't answer any of his calls even though I was dying inside to hear his voice. he then leaves me a voice message and says "don't be calling my phone alright!" I was like what? I've been respecting him and not bothering him at all why would he say that? So now I miss him so much and I want him back. I've been doing everything to have him miss me. I haven't texted,called,or emailed him at all. I'm been showing him or making it seem that I don't care bu I do. What can I do? Should I wait? Or should I text him? PLEASE HELP!


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  • No don't call or anything, don't even react to what he said, doubtful he meant it. Next time he comes in to pay his bill or whenever he sees you, make sure yoou look hot, new clothes new hair, gym etc, and ignore him again!


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