Do you care if you broke your ex's heart?

So my ex broke up with me. For the last month that we've been together he admitted cheating and basically from that moment everything went downhill.

It's been three months since the break up and he is in a new relationship (the girl who he kissed whime we were a thing and swore he hated) and send a picture of his new girlfriend to a friend of mine. Basically being an asshole.

Unfortunatelly we are part of the erasmus group (he's a buddy for new erasmus and I'm one of the erasmus students). We have to see eachother a lot, which makes me unconfortable and we don't talk or look to each other.

But i wonder if he ever feels bad about breaking my heart. I don't know why he acted as he did, the break up was messy and I asked him to leave me alone and my space but I would like to know if he at least is sorry for hurting me or what crosses his mind when he sees me?
Do you care if you broke your ex's heart?
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