I had sex with ex- who’s not single. & I think I’m back in love with him?

Long story short- we were good together and then we were bad. He was manipulative and conniving and in three years he went from emotionally abusing me to finally- hitting me. That was the last straw and I left him there and then. We’ve been broken up for 1.5 years now. We occasionally message on Facebook to check in on each other. We were doing so this week and unusually the conversation continued into the next day. Unfortunately my wallet got stolen and I was really upset and called him to get me (fyi- we haven’t seen each other since he hit me and we broke up) it was silly. But instinctual. I needed a comforting hand. He drove an hour and twenty mins to me. We hugged, and said that’s it, once in the car we spoke. It was good tbh, we communicated (something we lacked in the relationship) and was able to hash out any angst, we briefly spoke about how if we were to try again, how great it would be bc we’re both so mature and better people now. He then told me I was the love of his life. And we kissed, and I’m sure you can guess the rest.
I felt guilty instantly and felt bad for the girl. We stayed together for a few hours after that and now it’s all just so confusing. He messaged me yesterday evening and told me he’s sorry and he’s torn and he doesn’t know what to do and his girlfriend hasn’t done anything wrong apart from trying to make their relationship work. I saw a different side to him when we met and it opened up a lot of feelings. I know we can’t be together but I’m hurting. I told him we can’t do this every few months checking in on eachother anymore as dynamics have now changed since we said those three words to each other when we met yesterday.
Before any one says anything- i felt absolutely shit for sleeping with a taken man. So please don’t dwell on that and make me feel bad.

Any perspective from either guy or girl would be great. Thank you
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I had sex with ex- who’s not single. & I think I’m back in love with him?
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