Now that I won't take him back he has gone completely psycho?

And now that I won't take him back he has gone completely psycho and now I have to change my phone numbers and move and change everything in my life. Now my question is did I make him loose it? Why does he want me back he broke up with me? Should I go back to him to make him leave me alone? I don't know what to do but I know one thing I don't think I can survive all that much longer with all this on me Why won't he just go away? He moved out of state and yet he still won't leave me alone? He's scares me and plus I'm still trying get over the fact that one time I loved this man and now I'm absolutely scared to death and please don't tell me to get a restraint order because hell walk right through it. He's done it before...So can you help me?


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  • A crazy, stalker ex-boyfriend who walks through restraining orders should either be locked up or shot on sight.

    Formulate an escape plan and disappear IMMEDIATELY. I could not be more serious; I've buried girls like you.


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  • Don not take him back,you need to think about YOU and not his feelings. Do not go back with someone you are scared of. He is just over reacting and sounds like he is acting like a child. You need to put your foot down and tell him that he is pushing you further and further away. Why did you split up? The ironic thing is if he would have just backed off he would have had more chance at maybe rekindling what you once.

    • We split up because he was caught cheating on me with a 58 year old woman. And so I broke off contact with him immeditaley...The funny thing is he broke up with me...So I figured it was over so I let it go. So when he started calling me and telling me he missed me and everything. He won't leave me alone and he constantley is bothering me and won't leave me alone he's got his friends following me and what's worst is he lives in tn now

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