Girls, have you ever given a guy a second chance after this?

Late last semester I started really falling for this girl. I was pretty inexperienced at dating/attracting girls, but she seemed to be happy around me.

I made mistakes like having our main line of communication through text. She had long conversations with me so I thought it was cool. Then I found out she was actually planning to transfer to a different college the next semester.

I still tried to talk to her over the summer, but she was less and less responsive (still responded though).

I asked her if she had feelings for me and she didn't :(. I haven't talked to her in two months after she ignored (I think) some of my messages.

She posted on my facebook wall asking how I was but I didn't respond. I haven't gotten over how sad I was when she rejected me. Even if she thought I was a great guy.

Do your minds ever change?

I gave up hope a while ago but was just curious.


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  • It's always possible for someone to change their mind, but I don't see that happening here. It sounds like her interest was never that high in you and now with her going to a different college and you out of her life for so long chances are very slim she will change her mind. Likely her posting on your fb was more out of boredom, but I suppose anything is possible.

    • Well then it's a good thing I didn't respond. +1 for me I guess

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  • "a girl's mind never changes" That's not true, I regret giving this boy, who liked me & treated me very well, a chance. I don't know why I wasn't interested at first.. but then I noticed how dumb I was being. I'm happy with my boyfriend now, but I guess I still think about the "what if" & wish I would have given him a chance..

  • a girl's mind never changes.

  • She gave up on you when she replied less and less... If she liked you that much she would have at least tried the long distance relationship... Who knows I may be wrong maybe she may still like you and yes minds do change


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  • I was like you, trying to make some friends through Facebook and communicating mainly online, but I realized later that if you want to make a real relationship work with girls you gotta be up front about things and communicate physically and verbally, which means calling her up and actually meeting her. This is because to a girl, it means a lot more to them when you chat physically (compared to other guys) because you are showing it in your actions that you are serious about being with her and not just some whimpy douche bag talking behind a computer, which is what they think you currently are.

    I'd say if she posted to you, she'd more likely be still interested in you. So go reply her and say something like 'Hey thanks for getting back, long time no hear. Yeah I'm a little busy right now, so can't talk much online at the mo. Can we talk on the phone instead? (do you have a number I could call?). If not I'll be free Thursday next week, and maybe we could meet up for lunch or some coffee?'. if she responds then you'll know she's still interested. If not, then you can gladly move on to something else.

    • Appreciate the advice, but she's said the same sort of thing to a few of my friends. It's more of a friendly gesture I believe. And there's so much that happened that I believe the situation cannot heal itself (unless "time" works it magic lol).

    • What's happened? (if you don't mind me asking?)

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