Has my ex really moved on?

My ex boyfriend (were together for 1 and a half years) broke up with me 1 month ago
We were constantly arguing about things and he had enough so broke it off and said we werent compatible and wasn't happy in the relationship anymore
He said we both need to move on , do our own things and meet new people
The thing is, ever since we broke up:
- he always initiates contact every week (at least once or twice a week) and I've never initiated contact
- he still invites me to go to the cinema with him and watch new movies together nearly every week
- he took me out on valentines day to movie and dinner and bought me a bouquet of white and red roses
- when we hang out, he always stands close to me and he sometimes would ask "are u okay? Is everything ok?"
- in the cinema, he always finds way to be close to me as well like tapping my shoulder or my arm and starts talking to me
- he still teases me playfully
- at the end of the night he would ask for a hug before saying goodbye
Has he really moved on?
If he has, why always trying to talk to me and inviting me out?
Im confused
He has moved on - he sees you as a friend now
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He hasn't moved on - he still has feelings for you
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Has my ex really moved on?
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