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He was flirting with a girl over messages... got caught, said he was sorry and would never do it again.

A little while later got caught going to the pub with all these girls that just 'happened to be there' instead of the guys he said he would be with. Did not sit with me and instead let another girl basically lie on top of him without doing anything to stop it.

When confronted, he said that I was being a controlling bitch and that if I had a problem with it I am not allowed in 'his' apartment anymore. (Moved overseas together and share apartment..). The next day, he apologised and said he didn't mean any of it and that he would never actually kick me out of the apartment.

Snooping me then checked his messages with this girl that he apparently 'just met' to see he had been insulting me to her for the past 2 weeks and flirting this whole time. Not to mention, he has also gloated about how he is now officially single because I went 'psycho on him'.
Rate this jerk from 1 to the devil?
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