Illegal immigration, I need more reasons on why it is wrong...

this is for a class project and I need more reasons as to why it is wrong, I firmly believe it is for numerous reasons I just need more so give me your opinions


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  • The main problem with illegal immigration is that when people get to your country they are forced to share it with people with similar attitudes to yours.

    Do you actually pay any of the tax that you are so concerned about the distribution of? Careful, you might need to be deported as a net drain on society.

    Do you want one of the jobs that these people are able to compete for? Got to manage the levels of "sub-nationals" you tolerate but would deny basic rights to carefully so that you don't need to get your hands dirty. Is the plan to rekindle the obscenity of apartheid?


    The gounds being naked racism, or racism dressed up as economic self obsession?

    So it was OK for your ancestors to get in, but now you're there screw anyone not born there?

    The qualification for abode and support is accident of birth? Careful, next thing you'll be installing a monarchy!

    > I read the first line of your answer and got the idea that you think its OK and there was nothing else I needed to see

    Typed in the finest tradition of the open and inquiring mind.

    Hang your head in shame.

    • Actually I am black so lets not even DISCUSS how my ancestors came here... your just a pathetic person too OK well you and that other dumb ass bitch can go and pay your money to illegals because I'm not... I never will.. and no I am NOT open minded I asked for you to tell me WHY IT IS WRONG if you CANNOT read that is not my problem.

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    • Aw and I thought it would be right there in the running for best answer!

      Were the questions too difficult?

    • Your really pathetic.. seriously.

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  • If open borders were a good idea, why would any country try to regulate them? Why was it made "illegal" in the first place? I love how we take a term like illegal immigration and wonder if its wrong. It breaks the law we have established--that inherently makes it wrong! Now, you may disagree with the law itself, that's related but not the same. I would never expect to be able to pick up and move to any other country in the world, establish my family there and then be shocked when they ask me to leave because I broke their laws and circumvented their legal immigration system. But, that's exactly what we in the US are expected to do. No order, no laws, open borders, and soon, no US. That may be the whole point, people who wants the US to cease to exist. Now, debating what ethnic groups contribute to society and equality, humanity, etc. as well as what the heck to do about the massive numbers of illegals here (no one in their right mind can believe they can be deported --not realistic at all) has nothing at all to do with whether a nation should have a legal immigration process and protect its borders. Anyone who argues against those things I submit desires to see the downfall of that nation as it is, to be replaced by something entirely different. Bet you money when the "illegals" take over, theyll damn sure secure their borders!

  • It's not. without illegal immigration, 40% of the USA's crops would never make it to market, they'd just wither and die. not to mention numerous other sectors of our economy. In all seriousness, if all the Illegal immigrants up and disappeared TOMORROW without a trace, our economy would collapse completely.

  • Well, illegal immigration is very much wrong. K, lets consider your house. Lets say, you have a guest, you treat them well, for a few days and stuff, isn't it wrong and wouldn't you be p*ssed if that guest stays in your place forever, with your family needing to serve that particular guest everyday? That's one way of looking at illegal immigration. In the same way, an illegal immigrant is entitled to all services a citizen is entitled to in that particular country, and the illegal immigrant won't pay taxes, which means, the hard-earned money of a citizen is used up in serving an illegal immigrant. Which is really wrong! Another issue is employment, housing, population growth, etc. If those factors when considered on a very large scale is very bad to that particular country, and when the number of illegal immigrants is too high, the govt can't do anything but keep them in their country.

  • The biggest is that the United States has to spend money to support these people. Since they aren't citizens they don't pay taxes, or have insurance. This means they have to go to the hospital they aren't held accountable. They hit someone in their car, they have no insurance. Someone has to pay for all of these things. So there's the financial reason why it's bad. They also commit a lot of crimes, and bring drugs into the US. Obviously this isn't all immigrants, but it does increase those things. Also they have a large cultural impact that personally I don't like. Nearly everywhere in the US things are printed or spoken in both English and Spanish. Also the people employed at low wage jobs who can hardly understand my English, it isn't right. They also come here just to have children, because if a child is born here they are automatically a citizen. But again many immigrants have little income, so guess who is getting welfare.


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  • illegal immigration is wrong? on what grounds? its illegal, sure, but to say that it is wrong...i don't think you can effectively argue that. this country was founded on imposing our needs, interests, culture, etc. on the natives, robbing their land, purposely killing them off, etc. no one consulted the native americans about coming on to their land or turned the ships around when we saw that people were here before us because we had interests in building lives for ourselves here. we didn't give a damn about what the natives thought. aside from the huge chunk of illegal immigrants who are actually students over staying their visas, many illegal immigrants come here not intending to hurt anyone but to give their children more opportunities and to escape harsh conditions and treatment in other countries, specifically in latin america. countries who we have influenced over the years in negative ways like working to get leaders who wanted to redistribute wealth for the people in those countries kicked out of power, keep them from gaining power, and in some cases having them assassinated. we put american interest in products and global dominance over the interests of the poor workers in the other countries getting better lives, we supported fascists to combat communism and nationalism spreading in these areas, etc. a lot of people, including myself, would say that all of these things our country has done and benefitted from were very wrong things to do. I don't think you can make these kinds of points against illegal immigration. you may argue why it is beneficial for us to combat illegal immigration but I don't think you can effectively argue that coming to a country to escape brutality and poverty for a better life and education for your family is "wrong." and this is coming from someone who acknowledges that wrong and right vary from person to person. even so, wrong implies that you think something is unjust, immoral, etc. how is looking for a better life for your children wrong, unjust, immoral? (though you could say it is dishonest but even then you will have to face the fact that dishonest is something inherent in our own government.) seriously I really want to hear this. how is it "wrong?" lol

    • Ok well you obviously cannot read I said name why it is wrong. and it is wrong. If you come here come here LEGALLY its not THAT hard to become a citizen... we DON'T need them taking our jobs or getting welfare... OUR TAX DOLLARS GOING TO THEIR LIVES IS WRONG if you actually are OK with paying your hard earned money to them then you take YOUR WHOLE PAY CHECK and give it to them. Your OBVIOUSLY stupid so... just suck it.

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    • Well hunny bee my assignment is persuasive... so me ARGUING MY SIDE is the point... so suck it.

    • I got an A on my paper and project by the way :) my teacher totally agreed with it

  • Well, I believe immigration is great, but ILLEGAL immigration is wrong. Seriously. Here's some other worldly facts about illegal immigration...

    If you cross the...

    North Korea border illegally, you get 12 years of hard labor.

    Iranian border illegally, you get detained indefinitely.

    Afghan border illegally, you get shot.

    Saudi border, you will be jailed.

    Chinese border, you will never be heard from again.

    Venezuelan border, you will be branded a spy and your fate sealed.

    Cuban border, you will be thrown in prison to rot.

    But the funny thing is, when you cross the United States border illegally, you get a job, drivers license, social security card, welfare benefits, food stamps, credit cards, subsidized rent/loan to buy a new house, free education, free health care, the right to vote, and all without speaking a word of English.

    Shouldn't this p*ss us off? Our tax dollars are being used on this! It's outrageous!

    • Our tax dollars also go to ridiculous wars and military efforts. I'm more p*ssed off by that. also have you looked at the political issues in most of the countries you listed? there's a really good damn reason that we aren't modeling our immigration policy after f***ing north korea. christ sake people. seriously? lmao and no this would only p*ss ignorant people, conservatives, etc. off usually. generally not the rest of us. :)

    • Wow! Is this really your argument? Think about for a second all these countries have these consequences and their citizens are well aware of what the are BUT THEY STILL RISK CROSSING ALL THE TIME. Why? Because life there is that bad they would risk going to jail, doing hard labor, or even being killed to escape. The countries you listed are some of the most dangerous places to live. Maybe you shouldn't visit one of those places before judging.

    • They should stay where they are unless they can come here take the test and be legal.

  • I also have Native American ancestors.. so if I really felt like it I could make a huge stink and try and get you removed from my soil so ;) relax hunny.

    • Hunny I have native American ancestors too so please do not tell me that you are so ignorant as to believe that all blacks are just straight up African? You can look at me and tell that's not the case I am 1/4 native American and 1/8 white so bye bye

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    • to try so hard to find reasons why its wrong.

    • I don't care about your Mexican friends OK, he Is an exception and if what you say is true good for him but that's usually not the case

  • Damn, we should have deported your slave ancestors so your ignorant ass wouldn't be here. Shame on you.

    • Lol stfu you stupid bitch. What race are you? You're just mad because you're dad and brother pick oranges for like 35 cents and hour.

    • Nah white people don't get paid 35 cents an hour. We get paid top dollar. But race really isn't the issue here. It's ignorance.. and believe it or not.. those people can really relate to your history.. your ancestors would be ashamed of you.

    • Actually whites don't get paid top dollar... I know a lot more poor whites who live in trailers and sh*t than blacks... I for one am not poor and my ancestors would be proud of that... Anyways I don't care about their story. They choose to come here we didn't.

  • It's wrong because I really would like to pay $10 for a piece of fruit picked by an american


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