I left a 21 year old for a 30 year old?

I’m 32. I met a 21 year old a year ago and we instantly hit it off. She’s beautiful smart and funny. We were together a year. And in this year she has told me so much about herself and I’ve became her best friend.
Her parents had a problem with me but through it all she still stuck with me and showed me a lot of attention. She gave me foot rubs, back rubs, etc.. she spent so much money on me. For Christmas she got me a firestick, giftcards, endless things She fed me when i didn’t have bought money she has given me gas money she has bought so many things for me and spoiled me in just a year but i met someone else. I told her i met someone else and she became devastated.
I’ve never felt so guilty in my life. All she kept saying was how could i do this to her and how much she loved and care about me. I’ve never seen her like this but i want someone else. I feel awful and wrong but i couldn’t string her along.
Ever since i broke up with her she’s been texting me , calling me crying she came over to my house yesterday (uninvited) and when i opened the door she had my favorite (chick fil a) begging me to talk to her but i told her “I’m not hungry and why are you popping up at my house like that” and saying that seemed to hurt her because her face looked speechless
TL:DR; i feel guilty but i know who i want. I’m still talking to the 21 year old but i know i need to stop. It’s
So many reasons it couldn’t have worked and the main reason was her parents didn’t like my age
I left a 21 year old for a 30 year old?
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