I am very intimidated by him. What does he mean when he does this?

So this guy and I have been kind of interacting for the past couple of years. We are acquaintances and the truth is that I like him.. a lot. I am not sure if he likes me anymore, he most likely used to but one day on the bus I saw him and I didn't say anything and I went shy. He sat beside me and all I did was look down. The next day I said hi to him on the bus. I'm pretty shy.

He said hi, shortly. And after that...

I didn't see him until a few months later at the gym. he saw me too. I didn't say anything and kind of avoided him slightly. When I thought he left the gym, he came back and purposely walked in front of me. I tried to say something but word vomit came out. Basically after that I hid. I saw him at the gym again next week. No interaction. Just stares at each other...

And then the next 2 days, I saw him from afar in one of our cafeterias . He smiled at me and waved hi so enthusiastically. I waved hi back. didn't ignore him.

But... the reason why I've been avoiding him was because I've done some embarrassing / stupid things in front of him (though nothing that will shame my parents).

So why is he being... well, friendly enough to wave hi?

this guy is really smart and got into a competitive program... let's just say I am very intimidated by him. I often wonder if he hates me :/

We can't communicate online.


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What Guys Said 1

  • why would he hate u? that kind of confuses me... it sounds like he likes u, and luckily for u, the way you are having trouble talking to him hasn't scared him off. so if I were u, id try yur best to talk to him. yur simple small talk. its a lot easier than you think. just speak clearly and slowly.


What Girls Said 1

  • haha if he hated you he definitely wouldn't be going out of his way to see you / say hi to you. He probably likes you :), and if he does then he probably thinks the embarrassing / stupid things youve done are cute. Don't be intimidated by him, just try and talk to him naturally and let things progress from there. Remember, you're obviously doing something right if he likes you!


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