How do guys feel after cheating?

how do guys feel after cheating on their girlfriend when they know she doesn't know about it?


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  • Most guys would prefer a willing partner.

    Some men are into degrading p*rnos and some are into being degraded themselves and others are not into either.

    If I were to guess why your boyfriend and others like him are into degrading p*rn I would say that they are not well received by most women (no offense) and like the idea of taking what they want rather than asking for it. Most guys like blowjobs and in my case it is because it feels good not because it may be seen as a form of dominance. If a woman is gagging I tell her to take in as much as is comfortable. I do not like to see vomit or hear choking.

    I think I am correct in saying that that kind of one sided sex is not a turn on for most guys.

    Plenty of fish in the sea get a new boyfriend.

    • Huh? thanks but I was asking about how men feel after cheating without their partner knowing.

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  • usually it's own back after a girl has cheated. Girls are twice as likely to cheat than men, that's a scientific fact. So you usually it feels good to get own back.

  • i feel relieved. because it only hurt the girlfriend when she found out I cheat.

  • Depends on the situation. usually its hungry.

  • Awesome!


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