Would she accept my wishes?

So, I've been on and off with a Mormon girl for about 5 years now. She has always gotten us back together after she would break us up for religious differences.
We were talking about marriage before she left for her mission, but she broke things off during her mission.

I know she still loves me and is just on a religious high due to the mission. One of my friends, who is Mormon, said once she returns, she will return to normal and reach out to me because I am basically her rock and she won't want to lose me.

Just based off what she said, i deleted my Facebook and Instagram because I don't want to see someone love her and not have me to be the person loving her.

She comes home in a few months, and I realized I practically closed the door to allow her back. So I wrote her a letter apologizing for trying to save our relationship while she was on a mission and being a jackass. I gave her my contact information, and I'm waiting to send the letter to me she is approaching her return.
I did say, that if we can't be together, to never contact me. Because of the reason I stated.

Two things. I know I didn't go in detail to the letter, but is there anything I should add, and would it help?

Finally, would she honor my request to not contact me unless she wanted to get back together? Or would she contact me regardless after getting my letter?
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Would she accept my wishes?
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