Why does my ex boyfriend wants to go movies with me every week?

He ended our relationship 1 month ago
Every week, he wants to go watch a movie with me
Whether its action, horror, superheroes, etc
Every week there's always a new movie coming out at the cinema
I know that we both love watching movies
And when we were still a couple, we would go cinema together often as well
he's the one initiating contact and initiating going out tho
I've never reached out ever since the breakup
Does he just want a movie buddy or just an excuse to see me?
Or both?
  • He just wants a movie buddy
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  • He just wants to hang out/see you
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  • Both
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What Guys Said 1

  • He still values you as a friend. I hope it's not too difficult for you. Say no, if you need to.

    • So he lost romantic feelings for me?

    • That is hard to say. He may still have feeling for you. No way to know for sure.

What Girls Said 2

  • wants to hangout with you and have sex with you

    • He never ask me to come over to his place
      I've been hanging out with him every week
      So you dont what the fuck u on about ya dumb ass

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    • how dumb... smh

    • All ya gotta say huhh?
      Ya twat

  • He is alone.


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