Why does my ex act the way he does?

me and my ex boyfriend moved into an apartment in mid august this year, and things were amazing, up until he started doing both school and work full-time. we slowly started going downhill, and then we broke up. we used to be best friends for years before, and now whenever I text or call him, he typically always ignores me. but the few times I see him now, he looks at me as if he still loves me more than anything, like he truly cares. it's so confusing. :S


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  • OOOOOHHH CLASSIC. Had the same thing happen to me. My ex's goal in life is to make me miserable for a time. Of course he still wants to be with you. I think a lot of people do with their ex's except the nutty crazy ones, but for me (and maybe your ex) once you emotionally open yourself to someone, namely a member of the opposite sex, its like you give them a part of you.So he's going to care no matter what but then the whole pain thing comes in and that's what affects the calling and texting back. either that or he's just over it and a text can easily be egnored cause he's busy or just doesn't feel like dealing with it. When your in front of him its a little harder. Hope that helps a bit.


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