What should I say to my boyfriend?

to let him know I love him?


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  • "I love you"

    • Straight to the point, and simple. Gets the message across without seeming like trying too hard!

    • Yeah, that one. Subtlety is for girls. You want him to know it, just say it like you mean it.

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  • Just tell him anything among these lines : I need you, You make me feel safe, I would love to do anything to make you happy and I could spend the rest of my life for you. that's about it in a nutshell. I didn't take much time to think but if you want to express how you mean let him know he makes you feel happy, safe, secure, wanted, appreciated, loved and cared for. It will stick to him.

    Good Luck!

    • Coming from a guy, that's a lot. thank you. :)

    • Your welcome, guys think about a lot, you'd be surprised. Psychologically and sociologically speaking that's what we are designed and programmed to do for a girl, and when we feel that we are or she expresses that it makes us feel spectacular.

    • I second this. And if the guy doesn't give a great response, don't be worried

  • just put a medium rare 20oz steak cooked to perfection in front of him, you won't have to say a thing

  • Give him some tongue tornado.


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