Why my ex is torturing me like this?

He broke up with me and we didn' talk for about a month because I blocked him. these days I thought maybe we could talk or be friends from time to time so I unblocked him. I was about to send him message but he sent me first. At first he was formal and asked how I am so I was formal also. But two days after he started behaving weird. He asks me how I am with my new boyfriend and implies I have one even though that's not true. I age a feeling that he is trying to get me to start a fight or something despite me being nice all the time and be polite to him. Guys why he is like that. He is the one who left me and told me he is done with me. He treated me very bad during our break up he even said I need a doctor. Now why he is like that? he can' be normal friend? or talk normally some times?
Why my ex is torturing me like this?
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