I broke up with my boyfriend via texts, and he didn't respond?

I know it is very bad to break up with texts, but the situation is difficult for me.
My boyfriend (30) and I (22) are together for 3 and half months, things are great at first. Then his work started to become very busy so our dates got cancel for about 10 times. 20 days ago, we spent time on Tue, and he asked me if I want to hang out on Thur, I said yes. But I didn't reply his texts very often cuz I was a bit busy, so he just assumed I was mad and decided to not come on Thur. So we had a fight about this, and also because his words are very unreliable for many times (always late for dates, promises to call and didn't). I was quite emotional, and I said some horrible things to him. So we decided to not see each other for a while (he said about a week).
But weeks pass, he never mentioned about when should we meet, but we text and call every day, he usually texts or calls first. After the second week I asked him why he didn't want to meet and talk about our issues, he said his work is in a very crucial point, he is a workaholic it's true, so he wants to finish his upgrades and other things first, and I said ok.
On Sunday, I don't think this will work anymore, I said we have to meet tomorrow, he agreed. But on Monday morning, he sent me a long text explaining he cannot meet cuz of his sponsor told him and his team to give a proposal by tomorrow and they need to have a long call to decide if they will accept it or not.(Totally understand but still, I feel I had enough)
I feel he doesn't take our relationship seriously, he used to make time before, but not anymore. He is 30 his work is important I know, but he keeps breaking promises a lot. So I sent him a breakup message tonight because he moves our meeting time again I feel I'm being treated unfairly. I kind of doesn't want to see him cuz of my sadness.
When I sent the message he went online right after, but there is no response. I want to know why he does it, and if this guy has ever cared for me
1 y
I also tried to talk about our issue while we calling every night that relationship is important too if he wants a companionship (as he said), so the face-to-face talk is important, but he doesn't seem to care, he said"we actually talk nicely via the phone" and when he said he cannot make Monday meet, he said "we are going to meet in this week anyway." He doesn't look like he feels guilty about this at all. Also before when he was late for date, he thinks it doesn't matter cuz it's just 10mins
1 y
Ok, so after few hours he replied, he said he was crying all night and he missed me, and he agrees with me that we met at the wrong time. But he still wants to stay friends with me cuz thing may change later.
Right now I actually know that he was trying to force me to break up with him first by delaying and finding excuses for our meeting. But the problem is he is too coward to break up first. He was emotional abusing me before, I have no respect for this guy anymore
I broke up with my boyfriend via texts, and he didn't respond?
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