Could there still be some feelings there?

We broke up 2 years ago almost
- he still contacts me and wants to know how I am
- he still wants me to stay over & cuddle, but I haven’t in a while
- he said I was his girlfriend when someone asked
- he wants to know if I’m single
- he told me he missed me when I asked why he wanted to see me & that he likes talking to me
- he still flirts & we’ve sent each other intimate pictures & he says I look wonderful so no need to feel silly.
- he is single & likes his space. Even after I told him I slept with someone after the breakup & after we slept together, he said he hadn’t slept with another girl.
- he says night night at the end of texts sometimes.
- he Is very affectionate when we have met a few times after breaking up

We broke up because I think he thinks he’s not good enough & he believes relationships don’t last (family childhood growing up) and losing his mum. He also is a bit selfish & likes his space.

Could there be some genuine feelings left? He hasn’t said he wants to get back tigether. Once he said he wonders why we broke up.
Could there still be some feelings there?
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