Is cheating in a guy's nature?

my boyfriend and i have been together for 1 year. He was such sweet guy. he probably is that one person who understands me the most. he is like my best friend. And i can tell him anything. We fight but never fall asleep mad at each other. Until one day i saw a text from another girl...

We had a big fight about this, i told him to confess and tell me the truth. But what i found out shattered my heart to pieces...

He told me it is just a friend, following by a chain of vague informations and distracting from the subject. I felt something is just not right, i struggled with my consciousness. I sneaked on his phone during his sleep.

they have been talking everyday behind my back, sending love messages, claiming how much he loves her, and how much he wants to be with her...

I couldn't believe such a cliche moment would ever happen to me. That my dearest would do such things to me... What have i ever done wrong to deserve this... I dont believe in love anymore. I trusted him all this time, I gave my heart out for him and in the end, i am the joke... a pang of shame slapped me hard that this explained so much. Of why he is being cold, being distanced..

And here i am, sitting on the bed devastated... heart broken. Felt like my heart is dead. How can i ever move on i felt so hurt..
Is cheating in a guy's nature?
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