Is it just a rebound then?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me but still said he loved me and things. we have tried getting back together but he said he just wanted to be friends. we have been friends for a couple of weeks now and I told him I don't want to be friends anymore. he went mad and said I was insensitive and I told him its just too hard for me. he said but I've told you I love you! I said well then be with me. and he said I just can't decide what I want. so I told him I don't want to speak to him again. literally that night he started hanging out with his ex girlfriend from 2 years ago (who he used as a rebound in the relationship before me) do you think he's only doing it to get to me or do you think he actually likes her?


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  • On some level he's probably doing it to get at you. On another level it sounds like he basically wants to be with other girls while he keeps you on the back burner. That's why he's telling you he "loves you" even though he broke up with you. Personally, I wouldn't sit around hoping he'd come back after being with other girls, but it's your life.


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