Was my 2nd breakup a good decision? Did she love me?

Hi , i will try to resume my story , it's more than few lines but i will try
It was me who broke up with her in two occasions , because i felt that I'm with a girl that doesn't really care about me , that doesn't really love me , that she was more in love with the idea of being with me than me , she was cold with me , she found stupid excuses when i make requests to go out for dinner or something , i was always the one who makes initiative, i broke up with her , one month after i tried to fix the break up , she refused, i suffered a lot , then one month later i tried again and then she refused , 8 months after , i heard that she regretted so much her decisions , that she didn't treated me fairly , that she has always feelings for me , that she want to be with me again and all this stuff , but it was me who made the step and in the day after we was together again. When i asked her about what happened she told me that in both the 1st and 2nd time she wanted to return but she was very angry at me for the way i left her.
So we are together again She changed a little bit , she looks after me , the one who makes initiatives , stuff like that , never said i love you though but i was giving us time , until last week incident when she left me to eat alone and went with her two friends (girls) she said we met another friend and we're going to eat with her , eat alone (we was in a library ) , what made me angry the most isn't that she left me eating alone , she has the right to do so , but the way of her doing so , any way , i was very angry , she called me after in the night and she excused and said , it was unfair to treat you like that etc etc , i didn't talk to her for a week bcz i felt again what i felt when i broke up with her the first time
A week after , i break up with her, i told her what i think , she said sorry i made you suffer a lot , I'm not proud of that and it ended
Sorrry i don't have more words , I'm at 2000 limits , i couldn't tell you everything OK
Was my 2nd breakup a good decision? Did she love me?
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