Boys? Why did he do that?

there this guy I use to be friends with, I guess were still friends, well long story short he asked me out in the beginning of our friendship, I said no, we were still really close after that we flirted a lot, then I I came around 2-3 months later I asked him out he said no. he said he started dating other girls and said that I was too good for him. things were weird between us even before I asked him out an I thought maybe he blocked me on facebook chat too, I got mad and deleted him from my fb anyway I still run into him often and every time he sees me he gets VERY happy, almost as if he missed me a lot. we talk and his eyes like don't move from my face! so today we talked for like 10 minuets and he was very kind to me, he could NOT stop smiling he was just so happy to see me, his face was like lit up! in the end I was about to walk away he then stops me and stares at me for a couple seconds and says "hey, take care" I thought it was very sweet, so although he is dating and I guess moved on do you still think he has at least some feelings for me? and what does he mean by take care? and I tried to read him on facebook there for like a day (I canceled the request) ithe just left my friend request sit made me sad though. why did he do that?


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  • He did that because he's a jerk.


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