Will he ever regret hurting me this lot?

It was a 6 years of relationship with this boy, i fell for him and than he went to another place for higher studies, he was too good before going there & I could see his love from his actions but after few months of long distance relationship I was able to figure out that he's interested in other girls too, he can dump me anytime, i wanted to not have sex before marriage but he forced me, i said no, but he was ok with it, later on I came to know that he cheated me with a girl & after crying a lot I forgive him and this was my 1st mistake, he wanted to have sex because his friends were visiting brothels, he was soo in need of sex that he hurted me emotionally, I could never imagine that he can too go to brothel n after 2 years if long distance he finally came, I was so much in love that I did the worst mistake of losing my self respect for him, for his love.. & he always took me for granted, I have been 90% of the times granted in his life n today I came to know that he visited brothels even when lived together just because I don't want to have sex before marriages, he started making excuses for not marrying of intercaste n other things, conclusion: I never got even the 10% of love what I gave, neither respect or loyalty, I still don't want his worst, but I hope karma will make him realize about my efforts and what he did to me, i know I'm wrong that I gave him power to control me and I can't force him to love me but I gave more than my best and more than my capabilities,

It hurts a lot, I feel to cry like an animal so badly, i know I'm wrong that I gave him right to disrespect me, he admitted he slept with many other girls behind me even when we were not in long distance
I didn't say a word, I just cut him off completely from everywhere and he too didn't say sorry or anything, he reacted like he was sorry, he said that I did wrong to you, but I know he'll never ever value me, but I still can't forget him, I hope karma makes him realize that how much he hurted me
Will he ever regret hurting me this lot?
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