Guys, is my ex playing or he doesn't know what to do?

My ex and me had a wonderful relationship. He was a very nice guy, kind to me, but he broke up with me after an argument. He has a new girlfriend now.

Yet, he often texts me. He sometimes sends a meme. Sometimes ask questions about me. But sometimes he gets really emotional. He tells me he'll never be happy again, that I'll marry my new boyfriend, that he'll never see me again and he can't accept that, he can't let me go, stuff like that. And then, he disappears. No texts. Then starts again. I ask him why he is doing this and he replies with "I don't know". I ask him if he really can't let me go and says "I don't know why I said that". Then few days later he texts again that our relationship was awesome and that our trip together is his best memory of his life.

What do you think of this behaviour? Also girls, I'm curious of your opinion too :)
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  • Seems really confused, poor guy.


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