Have you ever liked a guy that didn't like you back?

And for guys, have you ever liked a girl that didn't like you back the same way? How did you figure out and what did you do to help yourself move on from liking him/her?

My reason for asking this is because it recently happened to me... So feel free to drop some ideas or thoughts, thanks. =]


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  • Yea that is a hard thing to handle, especially if you thought they liked you the way you liked them. I just had to get in my mind that she wasn't feeling me like that and my feeling for her just slowly passed. YOu can't just stop liking someone over night, so it takes times to get over it. But eventually you will and new people will come along in your life.

    • Thanks for best answer

    • Yeah, no problem :)

      Cause yours actually was the best answer, lol all the other people that commented didn't really help. You did. Thanks too by the way, I appreciate it!

    • You are welcome and no problem. Yea a lot of people on here just like to give smart answers. But I do try to be honest and just say how I feel. So I'm glad you appreciated it.

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  • Your mind needs to process the loss. Let it. Don't shove it down inside. After a while, when your brain has finished, the problem subsides. Ignoring or denying it prolongs the healing period.

    • You know, I actually have been trying to just block it out, bury it deep inside me, hoping it won't come back and bother me, but yeah, it didn't work... I've tried my best to move on too but I just can't. *sighs* this sucks, lol. Literally. I feel like I'm tearing myself up from the inside out by trying to make myself move on and realize that he doesn't like me back the same way. And thanks for the advice too, it helps a lot.

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  • It sucks. I know. I'm in that situation currently.

    Think of all his bad points, things that annoyed you etc (and I know that there are some, think hard). It helps distance yourself. If he didn't care for you back, obviously he wasn't that smart, so just another reason to say "he isn't good enough". I know he makes you happy, but the fact that he tears you apart inside because he doesn't care about you, warrants you not seeing him anymore. That also helps with distancing yourself and getting over him.

    Liking you one day, then ignoring you the next seems most likely like a booty call. I wouldn't take it. The whole 3am picking you up... yeah... he's hoping for some ass. Either that or he is just a HUGE night owl (doubtful).

    Like stercor said, process the loss. Don't try to deny it or anything because then it can come back with a vengeance. If you need a song to listen to, to just let it out, try Rascal Flatts "Winner At A Losing Game". It talks about this exact situation. It's a good "I'm just going to let myself feel bad" sort of song.

    • I never said he didn't care about me, cause he DOES care. I just said that he told me he didn't like me back in the same way that I like him, and that hurt me. He knows it hurt but it's what had to happen... And I've known him for 5, almost 6 years now, so he's not looking to use me as a booty call. That would NEVER happen between me and him. We're best friends too. He's really fun to be around and yeah, you may think I'm stupid for this but I wanna hang out with him still even if it hurts me...

  • yes I did.

    I could move on because he gave me nothing back. After a while you'll realize you mean nothing to him and you'll start wondering why you are doing this to yourself.

    • The thing is that I must mean something to him or he wouldn't drive an hour to come pick me up and drive another hour back to his house to hang for the entire night, and watch movies... Or come out to get me at 3am after he's off work and head back to his house to hang out for the night.

      The thing that confuses me the most is that he sends mixed signals and makes it seem like he likes me back one day and then ignores me the next and it goes in a pattern sometimes.. It's confusing, lol

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    • Sorry I can't help you out with this one since I'm having the same problem LOL.

      Hope things will get better next year, for both of us!!

    • Haha, it's alright. It's helps just by talking to someone about it and seeing what you had to say. But yes, good luck to you too, :)

  • Yes.. yes I have actually loved a boy. but he never liked me or loved me back. He said I was pretty and stuff. But I never really moved on from him he was kinda like my 1st love. But it does help to like someone else, or maybe not pay much attention to him, because one thing guys love is attention and he'll start wondering why you aren't paying much attention to him. (:

    • The guy that told me he didn't like me back is my best guy friend that I've known for 5 yrs. He kept sending me mixed signals over the last 4-5 months, it really confuses me too because one day it'll seem like he likes me back but the next he's just a friend to me and/or ignores me for a couple days... And like the guy you talked about, he tells me I'm cute and datable.. But yet says he doesn't like me the same way back.. Confusing as hell, lol.

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    • Wow! yeah that's is confusing! Well sometimes being friends is the best thing! Just do whatever you feel like is the best. If something keeps telling you to like him... like him. Don't give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about(:

    • Thanks for understanding my situation too! I'm very much appreciated for the advice and help too! (:

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