I need help getting away

Basically he's my ex, barely dated 3 weeks yet I stuck around for 2 stupid years were I got treated like crap, I already know that was dumb and a waste of time and I was being used blah blah blah.

Hes a good emotional abuser that's what kept me pinned down to him for so long.

We aren't in the same town anymore but he keeps contacting me and wants to be my friend but I just want to get away and never look back anymore but I don't know how to...i can't help but reply to the texts or feel bad when I ignore him. I already deleted the number but like I said he still gets a hold of me one way are another. How do I finally say enough is enough from this point on he isn't going to plague my thoughts, haunt my dreams or be a part of my life anymore and stick to it?


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  • Stop responding to the texts etc...

    Tell him not to contact you anymore, and if he contacts you anyways, ignore him. eventually he will get bored and move on. It helps that you are in another town, that makes this much easier.

    • The issue is when I tell him not to contact me he flips out and gets really angry and then somehow at the end of the conversation I'm apologizing, he's very good at manipulating

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    • What he did... where do I start, said he loved me but then didn't want to get in a relationship with me because other girls were better, made me feel second best, called me a selfish b*tch, made me feel like I was crazy and that he never did crap to me and that it was my fault for whatever he did, flaked on me, talked about his exes, ignored me, gave me silent treatments, didn't give a crap about when I was sad etc.

    • OK that does sound pretty bad. The key is to stop listening to him. Decide what you want to say in advance and say only that. It does not MATTER if what he says makes sense or not. Just say what you wanted to say (i.e. stop calling me, please leave me alone) then end the conversation. Feel free to be the first one to hang up.

      Do not feel you need to get drawn into defending your position, you do not owe him an explanation. No need to be rude, but just make your point and get out.

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