What's the best breakup you've ever had?

People get stuck on their worst breakups. I can't forget the best way a guy has ever broken up with me.

My boyfriend and I were in a library just hanging out as usual. We'd been dating for a year. He told me he wanted to ask me a question. I was like sure, what's up? He went into how I'm his best friend and he really loves and cares about me and doesn't want to hurt or upset me. Really buttered me up. Then he asked if I minded if we took a break so he could date a mutual friend of ours. I was surprised, and I said go for it. They got together, he and I stayed best friends. She get really weird about me. They only lasted 3 months. He and I got back together for another year. Then he moved away and I never saw him again.

I love this breakup, because he was so honest and caring and we got to keep our friendship. there was no sneaking, lying, cheating, ghosting, or any typical disrespectful and immature behaviors.

Do you have any breakups that just seem better than most? If not, how would you prefer someone break up with you if they needed to?

What's the best breakup you've ever had?
What's the best breakup you've ever had?
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