Breakup blues or did I make a Mistake?

I was going out with this guy I met online, I decided to end it but since than I can't seem to get him out of mind. I think maybe I made a mistake
Reason I end it... We had been talking texting back and front for 3 months straight and he kept asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I felt it was a little weird asking a girl to be our girlfriend over the net. So I waited to see if she still liked me in person then I would agree to be this girlfriend. On our first date we went out for ice cream which was nice after a nice walk around the parking lot we ended up at my car and he pursued to do a lot more than kissing. He did a lot of fondling which did make me a little uncomfortable. I let me know that it did make me feel a little uncomfortable and the second time we went out there wasn't a lot of fondling but his pants were still unzipped. ( we were in my car again)

During the dates he told me he was gonna marry me next year. Or we would constantly tell me he loves me on our first date.
I find it hard to fall in love with someone so quickly, am I wrong?

He was very upset when I broke up with him, he called me bitch quite a few times and he had to put it that were was a lot of other women who wanted him but he didn't pursue them because of me. I'm not sure if I am crazy for missing him or what!
Breakup blues or did I make a Mistake?
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