Your ex is moving away? Guys' and girls' advice.

What would you do/how would you feel, if you broke up with your ex less than a year ago. You still care for them and think about them, but you are not in the right place in your life to have a relationship. Then, you find out that your ex is moving away for school and you might not see them again for maybe another year. How would you feel/what would you do?


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  • Well if I was in that position, I Don't think I would be hurting much. Because I was not in the right place to have a relationship. But that ex has to move on. Now it would onky bother me if I wanted that person back! I am assuming that you dumped a guy. Did you plan on getting back with soon or later?

    • It's sort of complicated, I am of a different religion and it would be a disgrace to my family if I married someone who wasn't the same religion. that itself is a huge reason why we broke up, also I'm terrified of commitment. it's not that I didn't want to be with him, but I can't be with anybody. even with the religious differences, I've been thinking lately that maybe we are meant to end up together because I have never had that type of connection and chemistry with anyone else.

    • I hear you , I understand you. But do you think he's worth breaking up with your family? or do you think that your family would understand that you connect with this guy and they should let you be with him? is he aware of all this? these are the questions you need to have answers for

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