TO chase? or TO give space?

I met a girl 2 years back, we built up a relationship that was very sexual and also always in contact 24/7.

During this time a family member became paralysed so I would have to wait till they slept to go see her after 22:30pm. I Would come back home at 6:30am to be at work on time. I had a massive problem at work and lost everything. I became very fatigued as well to the point I couldn't always satisfy her in sex

She was perfect she tried to be there, she wanted to be there, but I couldn't think anymore and kept yelling at her and making up... Finally I couldn't handle it anymore and left, but not because of her. She also had suspicions of me sleeping with other girls, so I added some random girl on insta liked all her pics and kind of forced her out of my life as everything was becoming too much for me, and I wanted her to be happy and not in the dark with me.

I isolated myself from the whole world including my childhood friends and family... till now I started rebuilding only with my family. Of course I never stopped thinking of her... I called her once 2 months ago, she answered I heard her voice and closed. She sent me who is this? I never replied until yesterday.

I said 'it's a man who hasn't done you right. Man that didn't respect our history, himself or your feelings. It's a man who was in the dark and didn't want to take you with him, I hope you understand this. It's a man who promises to never scream at anyone again. It's a man who hopes you are well.'

I have 2 phones so via social media I can tell if she's deleted my number... And a few hours later she did delete my number...

Not sure if I should chase her or leave her be. But if I go back I want to be with her forever. Any advice? Never thought I'd need advice again.
TO chase? or TO give space?
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