What should I do? Move on? Or wait..?

I'll try to keep this short and simple. My ex-boyfriend of 2 years and 11 months recently broke up. We use to argue a lot and say we're "broken up" but it was never really official. These past 2 months, it was pretty much official but we remained friends and still acted really close. Things were fine and we seemed as if we were about to get back together but he suddenly tells me that he has no more feelings for me. I found out he was talking to another girl, which is one of our friends ex-girlfriends. I was puzzled because he still wanted me back 2 days before that, but he said "he was just trying to see if he could get the feelings back for me". So my exboyfriend and this new girl starts to hang out for a few days(literally only a few days) and they talk all day and night, I suppose.. and now they're in a relationship together. Now, my ex has blocked me out of his life completely. He doesn't talk to me at all. He was really mean to me after he started talking to this new girl and kept telling me he completely doesn't love me anymore and has moved on.

Thing is, the new girlfriend told me that she isn't over her ex boyfriend, but she said maybe my ex boyfriend will make her forget about her past.

Are they both using each other as rebounds? Should I wait it out? Should I try to remain friends with my ex during this time? Or just not get in the way?

I need help! This is driving me crazy. Next month is suppose to be our 3 year anniversary AND my birthday... :(

ANY kind of input /opinions/thoughts on this situation would help! Thank you :)

If it helps, my ex and I are both 18 and this new girl is 15 or 16 or something.


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  • Hah if you read my question I'm going through a really sh*tty kinda break up too and having to deal with my ex shutting me out of his life kind of. I'm going on 5 months pregnant and my ex and I have been broken up for 2 months now, he calls me from time to time, but other than that he acts like he doesn't want much to do with me at all except to see the kid when its born. The best thing you can do if he's going to act like that is to act like YOU don't care and that it doesn't bother you. Just let him be the one to first call or text you, no need to look like you miss him or be clingy because that just makes them push you even further away. Wait things out like that and if you move on then you move on, but I assure you it won't be easy and its gonna hurt like hell if you love him...but us girls deserve to be happy after all the stuff we do for the guys we love in relationships. Just give it time hun, and read my question thingy if you like also. Message me if you ever need advice I'm sure we can make it through this!=)

    • TY :) and I doubt he will even contact me, so for now, we're just not talking. Sigh

      Answered your question back~

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  • Do you love him? If so, you might want to wait a while, but do you really want to be in a relationship with him after he said that?

    • I guess that's the thing with me. No matter what he has done to me before ( and he has done a lot, he even slapped me before ) I still ended up forgiving him and loving him the same. But yes, I still do love him. :/ I guess it's silly to love someone so much when they don't feel the same in return... ugh. Ty for your input!

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  • What kind of crack head shhh is this? Seriously you need to move on. That's just rude. She told you that maybe your ex-boyfriend can help her get over her ex-boyfriend? lol. wooooow!Who knows what they're doing but don't stick around to find out. The one good thing about love is...you can always love again. Move on.

  • Get over him! Move on. You deserve better. Don't let him think he has control over you by waiting for him, you know?

    • Yeah, a lot of my friends have told me the same thing. :/ But it's hard to move on... I'm so stuck and I'm not sure whether or not I can move on, or if I want to.. and yeah.. /:

      Ty for your input!

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