I screwed up... How do I let him down easy?

A guy I recently met and I partied together, and he ended up staying at my house. He put the moves on me, and I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable, combined with the fact that I was pretty drunk and just having fun.. We fooled around a bit. Well, I want to be friends with him but I think he wants more. I don't want to KEEP leading him on, since I'm well aware I already have... How do I tell him that was a one time thing without making him mad?


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  • Honestly with us men, its easier to just be upfront. The worst thing you can do is beat around the bush or deny anything. Tell him how you feel about him and the reality of what actually happened between you two that night. You were drunk and you were having fun but that's it. You don't see him that way and do not want to ruin your friendship with him. I would not even try to leave room for him to explain how he feels about you, and if he so happens to do reiterate friendly yet sternly. I would say it how it was and how it happened with no bs or sappy," it was my fault," insinuations. He will have more respect for you that way. We just have to know the way we feel, what truly happened and what we are going to allow to happen. We control the direction. And just remember next time no fooling with your touchy friend when your buzzing. Peace.


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