What do you think would happen if...

This is kinda of a silly question. Imagine there is an island, and due to a deadly disease that only one gender, everyone of that gender in the island died, and the island was left with nothing but people of the opposite gender.

Now my question is in two parts. The first part is, if all the women in the island died, and it was left with nothing but men on it, and then after a few weeks a fairly attractive woman becomes shipwrecked on that island, what do you think would happen to her?

And what do you think would happen if it was a guy that became shipwrecked on an island where the only survivors were women?


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  • They'd both get raped... probably... unless the group came up with some sort of hierarchy and elected a leader. Depending on the power of the leader, the amount of discipline in the community and how long it's been since they've had sex, the nature of the rape could vary i.e. in a hut with the leader or by anyone who spots her/him as they land on the beach.

    Right, and of course the fighting strength in that attractive man/woman... and whether they're reluctant or not- for all we know, maybe they want to procreate too.

    A well organized community would try to salvage the seed/ovaries of the shipwrecked person so they could reproduce.

    There are way too many ways this could go.


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  • Shiprecked woman; she would be the sexual desire of every man on the island and then she would be sent to the kitchen to fulfil man's other needs aka, make a sammich.

    Shiprecked man; he wouldn't become shipwrecked because, unlike his female counterpart, he is a good driver (even at sea) and somehow managed to avoid the small island in the miles and miles of open sea...

  • 1. I think the woman would be meat.

    2. I think the women would be meat, unless they knock him out and tied him up.

    Does this make me a pessimistic critic of human nature?

    • LOL good answer. xD The only question is that, even if the women DID become meat, it's impossible for him to get to ALL the women in the island. What would the women he wasn't getting to, do after a while?

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    • They would use him to make babies. Which would be just fine by me :)

    • And I can forsee the women in charge making bureaucratic decisions about whom and how he could mate with the women. F*ck politics.

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