Reasons for end relationships?

What are your reasons in the past for ending relationships?

Mine are :

1. Was addicted to the game “World of Tanks“ and dont had time for me the whole day, spends over 150€ every month for this one game,
Was very stupid,
Always dirty my room a lot with tobacco and coffee and other,
Peed in bottles although we have a toilet a few steps neat my room o_o ,
Hide this bottles till i find them a week ago...

2. Was addicted to playstation 3 & 4 and dont had time for me, i sit near to him 6 hours a day, i only was at his place in weekend,
He never go out with me, only stayed in his tiny room always,
Flirtet with his female coworkers in front of me
He was so lazy, he lie to me only because to bring me to go buy foods without him (a very big market is in front of his house)

3. Had no feelings for me
Insult me hardly
Taked drugs
Reasons for end relationships?
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