Why would my ex boyfriend decide to respond after weeks of ignoring me?

So yesterday I listened to my gut and wanted to text my ex to say hi and how he was doing. Just last weekend I had called and left a message, and a short text later on, with no response. Things between us had been emotionally rough, pretty much a roller coaster of feelings and emotions, mostly on my part. He broke up with me months ago, but told me he still cared for me. I gave him space, but missed him and broke NC. Just curious what triggered his desire to respond?


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  • He probably responded because he missed you as well. It's hard to forget about an ex. And most people try to forget about them by erasing them out their life with no communication. But everybody doesn't follow the rules. He did broke up with you so it wasn't really your fault if he called it off. A person sometimes misses what they use to have. Do you know if he is talking to anybody or not?

    • Last I was told he wasn't seeing anyone. I know his roommates girlfriend and she said all he does is work, and hangs out at home. But he's always been a homebody. And thanks for your comment. His bday is Tues. Should I text HB or call him?

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    • Yes I agree. Baby steps are the best. So he was happy when he was with you. Nice. That means you make a big difference in his life. Were you happy being with him? And if wanted to get back with you would you go out with him again? I think that's good the you want to see him happy. I also want you to be happy as well. And have you been happy since not being with him?

    • Well I have often wondered if he was happy with me why did he break up? His reason was, It's not you it's me, and that we wanted different things. He's much younger than me, but we had fun together. He was becoming my best friend. But then the rug got pulled out from under me. I went through the emotional texts/emails to him, which is why I am surprised he's even communicating with me. And I've tried to move on completely, but there's always been a void. I miss him everyday. Ugh!

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