Should she confront him or let it go?

A friend of mine has been seeing this guy for two and a half years. He is in the church faithfully. A few weeks ago, she happen to go to his house in the morning to return something of his and saw a limousine in the driveway. She circled the block and when she came back around, another car rolled in and he jumps out along with the mother, brother, and another guy. Why she found out he was getting married that day at 1 o'clock. She asked him a couple of times was he seeing someone and he said he wasn't, but she saw signs. As many times as she been to his house and stayed over, not one time his fiance' dropped over. I told her he was not planning on telling her he was getting married. I think he was going to continue to see her? How do you feel about this scenario, and what type of man would do something like that?
Was he planning on telling her he was getting married?
The worst thing about it, he was not planning on telling her, which to me means he still wanted her and the wife too. She also told me as many times as she spent the night down his house, not one time did the fiance' show up.I think she should confront.


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  • if I was your friend, I'd act like I know nothing, just to see where this will end up!

    but the problem is we don't want to end a man's marriage or cause problems.

    so let her confront him, and dump like like she never dumped a guy before!


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