What should I do about dating a divorced man who's still in touch with ex wife?

Hi I need some advice. I'm 23 and I've been closed to this divorced man, he's 32 and he had just got divorced 10 months ago, he moved to my country 3 months ago with his son and we've been closed ever since that, we admit we liked each other and kissed once but I told him it was bad idea bc we're both not sure. We are still so closed even after that.

The problem is now his ex is visiting for 3 weeks and stayed in his place, he didn't tell me about it until we accidentally met but when it happened he asked me to pretend stranger because he thought his ex will use me against him. I tried to understand that even though it hurts a bit. After that he felt sorry and tried to make it right, explain me everything.

He always talk bad about his ex, as in his ex is the crazy type who always make problem to make his life difficult, and he told me he doesn't wanna get back to her but ever since she's here, he has been so nice and spending a lot of time with her, driving her anywhere and let her stay in his house all the time. But when they argued he'll came to me and tell everything.

However, I'm not jealous and I just try to believe in him, do you think his relationship with his ex is normal considering they have a son? I never want to know about the deal with his ex but sometimes he would just tell everything.

Do you think he actually still love his ex and just use me as his company?

Also I don't think we can call us exclusively dating but clearly more than friends. What do you think I should do in this relationship? I thought it was okay but the more I think about him, his ex and his son, it really scares me and I dont think I'll be able to accept I'll always be in the last of his priority. I mean, I'm 23, doesn't I deserve to be with someone better who can put me first for awhile and just be in love? Enjoy the relationship? Am I selfish to think like that? But I really like him.
What should I do about dating a divorced man who's still in touch with ex wife?
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