My friend just told me he cheated on his current girlfriend?

so my friend just told me he cheated on his current girlfriend (who he's been with for a month already) with his ex- girl friend (who he was with for 1yr and 5months) he says he feels like he's in the middle of mix feelings for the both of them. he mentioned to me that he asked his ex girl friend to wait if she can or if she even wants to that he will figure things out... I do not know what to say to this to be honest I don't understand him. does he want his ex back that's why he is telling her to wait for him or what?... I told him he can't have both and he has to make up his mind. I mean he already cheated on his current girlfriend with his ex. I do not think he is taking the current girl friend serious. though for her he changed his relationship status on FB.

can some one help, I do not know what to do or say to him


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  • you should stay out of've said the obvious and he needs to sort this mess out...don't fall into this trap...he's trying to adjust and it seem the current girlfriend was a rebound for the ex

    • What do you mean by adjust?...adjust to what?

      and yea I totaly agree with you about his current girlfriend being a rebound for the ex.

    • Adjust...being single, finding a new girlfriend, or trying again with the ex

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