My ex boyfriend keeps sending me emails?

Okay, 2months ago spam sent something to my ex and others on my contact list. I never sent it but it was from me. That was only once. Now, my ex is sending me spam emails, like back to back. Its kind of p*ssing me now.We are not talking. We left off on bad terms.

What should I do?

Could it be on purpose?

The reason why I ask is because out everyone I know its him. I never had anyone send me spam except.


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  • is it possible to block him? or remove him? at least mark him as spam somehow and then just empty your spam folder when it receives mail

    • I cannot block him but how would it stop if I am still in his contact list

    • You can't prevent that. but I'm sure you can mark his stuff as spam and it will go to the spam folder

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