Just sorting out my feelings?

Okay, so I had a boyfriend. We were together 4 months (I know, doesn't sound like a lot) and I fell crazy in love with him. Every moment we had together was magical. Then, he seemed to lose his feelings rather abruptly and broke up with me. He didn't tell me why.

Shortly after, my best guy friend stepped up and started spending more time with me. We got really close and after a couple months, we told each other we had feelings for each other. But, after some more talking, we decided not to do anything about it.

Now, I realize I miss my ex a really lot. And it's making me question whether I really have feelings for my guy friend. So I'm gonna use this space to try to sort out my feelings for them...

Ex: I think he's amazing, I know he's too good for me, I can't find anything wrong with him, I melt whenever I see him smile, I love and miss his hugs and kisses, he gives me butterflies, I look at his pictures and think about him every day.

Friend: We have great conversations, we talk every day, we have a blast whenever we hang out, we're comfortable with each other, but I can't imagine myself kissing him or anything romantic.

I think I get it. I was rebounded. XP I just love being loved. Dang it, I told myself I wouldn't do that.

Does this sound right? What do you think? What should I do?


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  • the ex seems a bit short-term and your friend has the benefits for long-term...if you feel for the ex, you're not ready to settle down and are still as you said still sorting what you want


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