Should I send a letter? Girls how would you respond if you got one?

We've been split for about 6 weeks, with zero contact.

But we've recently started chatting again, and she occasionally phones me or messages me to call her. Her reasons for the calls are blatantly made up ("I think I left something at yours" which is clear she didn't)

But she's made it clear that we cannot get back together again for now, but says who knows in the future (at least 2 years she says)

I have told her loads that I love her and I want to marry her one day, but she doesn't believe me, she thinks its just a reaction to the breakup.

I'm tempted to post her a handwritten letter. Just something very short and sweet that just says that I love her always and that I mean that I want end up with her for the rest of our lives.

Girls, if you got something like this in the post from an ex, would you find it sweet, or creepy? Would you have more or less respect for your ex?

(We're on good terms, and she is adamant that we remain friends)

Btw I'm British, sorry. In the post = In the mail.


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  • I wrote a letter for my ex after a minor breakup and she read it and didn't take it seriously. Thinking about it, it does look a bit desperate... although it seems sweet at the time. If it's meant to be, it'll be. If you're supposed to get married, she'll change her mind - she knows you have it on your mind, so it will be playing on the back of hers... no need to keep forcing it into her head :)


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