Advice? Should I breakup or work things out?

Been with my boyfriend for almost 5 months, I love him but it's one thing that he does that reminds me of my ex. My ex of 6 years put me through a very bad suicidal depression of emotional and verbal abuse. He'd put me down Nd call me names. My boyfriend does a mix of both but not as bad as my ex , I told him my past about me getting bullied In school Nd having a rough childhood, Nd my last toxic relationship, nd he continues to do it and calls me "sensitive". I been thinking, Nd trying to decide whether I should break up with him or not , but I'm not the type to give up on a relationship unless he cheats. But I don't feel like going through this again I'm very insecure and have low self esteem I'm still learning to love myself and accept my flaws but he makes it harder for me.
Advice? Should I breakup or work things out?
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