Is he cheating on me?

well my boyfriend invited me to the movies late at night and he knew I couldn't go he shouldn't have been surprised when I said I couldn't go cause its to its like he did it on purpose so then he started with the shyt oh that never say I ain't taking you out to your friends I was like my dude you did that on purpose so don't play yourself cause if you want to take me out take me out earlier not that late at night get your shyt what is he proving with this cause obviously it was a trick up his sleeve and it didn't go with this means he is cheating on me?


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  • i don't think he is cheating. Plz relax. It seem to me like you guys have to work on your communication... Remember, the base of a good relationship is formed in the beggining. TRUST, RESPECT,COMMUNICATION ARE ESSENTIAL.


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