Getting over a break up advice?

I "broke up" with a guy I've been dating for like half a year now because he's been saying mean things to purposefully hurt me when he gets mad. I drew the line yesterday, but I've been thinking about it for a while.

Some context: he got mad at me for asking if he was going to pay for half of an uber he said he would pay for initially. It's been a week since then, but he paid me late before. This time I felt like he would say no, but I asked just to make sure. He did say no, and I let the issue drop. Then he blew up and got mad at me for asking, calling me annoying and telling me how he doesn't like me. I hate it when he does this because I feel like it's childish to attack an individual when we're arguing about a specific issue. Then when he's done being mad, he's back to "i love you". I'm tired of dealing with his tantrums and of being hurt.

Anyway, my question is: how do you deal with getting over someone? I do care about him and I did like him, but I feel like "breaking up" is the most rational option for me (listening to my brain, not my heart). My heart feels like it's been breaking and aching for the last two weeks. I know I can just ignore it and get on with my life.. but I'm open to hearing if anyone has advice on how to move on?
Getting over a break up advice?
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