So let's say you've been dating this guy for a few months...

Nothing is official yet but it basically seems like you're together. You're hanging out, talking every day, hooking up, went out on a few dates. One weekend he goes home (we're in college) and he texts you and says he really misses you and that you need to hang out soon. Two days later he all of a sudden says he's "not ready for a serious relationship" but still wants to be friends, but then you just pretty much stop talking altogether. What the hell happened?!?


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  • He's a commitment-phobe, and one morning he woke up and said to himself, "Oh, sh*t! It's like I have a girlfriend, and I'm caring about her and stuff!" Not the most mature stance.

    Your response: "I never said anything about a serious relationship; I just like hanging out with you, is all. I like what we have, no need to complicate it."

    Or: You *are* ready for a serious relationship, so you were sending out girlfriend-beams with your mind that he picked up. If this is the case, then you're relationship-ready while he isn't, and parting would be proper.


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  • you gave it up to quick

  • Either you started "closing" on him (calling for more commitment) or he found someone else. Either way, it's done and don't go back to him. Good argument for moving slowly into sexuality.


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