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My ex of 3 years Grandma's died. She broke up with me 4 months ago. I was real tight with her family. The grandma liked me a lot. Her mother talks to me very often, so does her bro and sister. I talk to her here and there. She's been telling me lately that she's been thinking of me a lot( weird) Last night she told me that it be awkward if I attend the funeral. Her fam was crushed when they found out I wasn't coming! how do I go about this?


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  • Well, as a friend of her Grandma (and family) she has no power over whether you go to the funeral or not. If you do go, just don't sit next to her or anything, it doesn't have to be awkward. If you want to go, go.

    Are you trying to get back together with your ex? If you are, then this probably isn't a good time, that's all.

    • Well she broke up with me, she knows that I still have feelings for her. And she feels the same way because she told me recently. But I am not trying to get back with her ANYMORE, and she knows that. Should I go and Ignore her?

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    • Thx what you mean by play it cool tho? at some point I will have to go up to her fam and presnt my symphaties. chances are she will be with them? I would have to make a move on her( shake her hand , or whatever that comes up) I just don't want to go and make an ass out of myself

    • Just act like she's just another member of her family, treat her like the rest of them. Be sincere, polite, and don't stare at her or pay her much attention. Just act like nothing happened between you two. I think she'll respect you for it.

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