What do I do about my ex? I know I screwed up, I know how to fix it, Any advice?

I fell in love with this girl and we were together for 15 months. She recently broke up with me about 2 months ago and I am now dealing with the fallout. I understand why she broke it off and I can honestly say that I don't blame her and agree with her decision at that point in time. I didn't have anything really going together for me like it had in the past when were first met, I was a mess. Not in school anymore, financial difficulties,family problems, just a really negative depressed person, and then to add fuel to my bonfire of problems I got into a verbal altercation with a co-worker and fired. yeah I was a charmer towards the end.

Normally I would text her through out the day when I could and then at night we would talk for a little while depending on how exhausted we were. last few days that just all stopped and I was starting to worry about her so I tried calling her and didn't get an answer, texted and got her friend Jen who is old enough to be her mom says don't worry everything is fine she will talk to you tomorrow. I was supposed to see her that night so I said ok? next morning she has me come to Jens house and she says were over and then not and just mixed signals, and confused the hell out of me. So I get her laughing and I take her to lunch we go to the park where we first met and we start talking again and she just starts ripping me up and so I get frustrated/mad/ a whole lot of emotions so I take her back to Jens and I just left because I knew I needed to calm down before I let my anger go and damage us permanently. I drive home and just sat in a funk just trying to put everything together finally call her and she is just so happy I called and we start talking and she begs me to come down so I do and spend the weekend on the couch at her place.

I go home and she says she needs a month of no contact well we both kept breaking it me more tho. I needed help with school because I had be re-enrolled the day she wouldn't talk to me and was excited to tell her about it so there was that and then we would go visit each others campus etc. etc.

I make it a week of no contact with her I get on facebook and she is there on the chat thing so I said something like thinking of you hope everything is great miss you and I sent it. well the week starts over. I deleted her from my list just so I wouldn't have the temptation as much wrote her a message explaining why I did it.

I text her to make sure she understands that it is just temporary and why I had to do it. we start talking and she says she is really happy because she just started seeing this guy my minds' reset button got hit hard and I just text message terrorism her, try calling, and all that. It was bad I know I validated her reasons for the break up. I go to Jen the next morning and she explains some of it to me about the why's and what she didn't tell me.

I am halfway through the month of no contact now. How should I approach her after all of this? What is best plan of attack?


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  • In my opinion: Don't bother - especially if this girl is your first extended relationship.

    All the time you stay convinced that she might still have a faint interest in you can be used to position yourself more successfully in life so you can mingle and fish home another girl who would be equally as satisfying - if not more.

  • You should maintain your no contact rule. Maybe even a little longer than you planned. But you do need a plan of attack. I got mine from this guy..good stuff. Some dirty psychological secrets to win back you girl ==> link


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