My ex girlfriend likes me again. I'm really unsure about getting involved. What would be best for me?

I had pretty strong feelings for this girl when we dated. We were a couple more than once. But it has been 2 years since we've been together. I have been enjoying my single life but miss relationships. I've been talking with some other girls also. (There is a good possibility of getting in a relationship with any of them.) But ever since my ex came back in the picture some of my old feelings for her came back as well. And I feel that pressure to just go after her again. Overall I think I'm just scared about what will happen. Both breakups we had were tough on me. When I fall for this girl..i fall hard! If that makes sense. She had broken up with a boyfriend that did not treat her well at all and I keep getting the feeling she just wants to use me for comfort. I have always been the sweet and honest man to her...we never fought about anything. I've seen it happen before...(when the girl finds a backup guy to share her feelings to and just use him for a little while building her self back up.) I am worth so much more than that and I carry a lot of value. Not to be cocky at all, but I get told this by girls a lot. The side that makes me want a relationship with my ex again is hard to deal with. And that is..I always remember how I fell hard for her and I was so in love with her when we were together. How should I deal with this? One more thing I might add is; I've had other relationships with other girls after our breakups but they were never as good as the relationships with my ex. I think part of me misses those times with my ex.. So should I just tell her I would like to stay friends being mutual and pursue other pretty girls? Thanks for your help!

- Tyler


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  • Sounds like you haven't found what you're looking for. If you're not completely sure about this girl (or the other ones that you have been talking to), don't go there as it is very likely that you'll be hurt again or hurt somebody else because you're not being honest about you're feelings. If you were really in love with any of them, you wouldn't be full of doubt. Starting or restarting a relationship just for the sake of being in one will not do you (or your partner) any good. Even though your connection may have been a special one, the fact that you broke up several times shows that there is just something that doesn't make it last.

    • Wow you just opened all the doors for me. You're right. I truly have not found what it is I am looking for. Thank you much for you honesty

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